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Project Overview

The primary goal was to create a distinctive and memorable logo that reflected KAHSHA’s brand ethos and would serve as the visual cornerstone of their identity.

Approach and Execution:

Brand Essence Capture: We delved deep into understanding KAHSHA’s brand persona, their mission, and their target market to craft a logo that encapsulated their identity.

Symbolism and Creativity: Our design process focused on amalgamating creativity with symbolism, aiming to create a logo that not only looked visually appealing but also conveyed the essence of the brand.

Versatile Design: We aimed for a versatile design that could seamlessly adapt across various mediums while retaining its impact and recognition.


The result was a striking logo that represented KAHSHA’s core values of modernity, elegance, and uniqueness, serving as an emblem of their brand identity.

Key Features

  • Distinctive and memorable design
  • Symbolic representation of brand values
  • Versatile application across different mediums


Our collaboration with KAHSHA was about bringing their brand vision to life through a visual representation that resonated with their audience.

Join us as we create brand identities that are as unique as your vision. If you’re ready to elevate your brand aesthetics, let’s embark on this creative journey together.

Our collaboration with KAHSHA, a burgeoning clothing brand, was a creative exploration into the world of brand identity. Crafting a logo for them was more than design; it was about encapsulating their essence and aspirations into a symbol that resonated with their audience.

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