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Graphics Designer

Brand Design
Logo Concept
Video Editing

Iam a dedicated Graphics Designer driven by a passion for visual storytelling and design innovation. My journey in the realm of visual arts commenced with a strong educational background and has evolved into an exciting career shaping brand identities and captivating audiences through creative design.

My expertise lies in crafting visually compelling solutions that resonate with audiences. From logo conceptualization to creating engaging marketing collaterals and user-centric interfaces, I infuse each design with creativity and strategic thinking.

Projects by Inodya Harshamal


I thrive on translating abstract ideas into tangible visual elements that communicate brand messages effectively. Proficient in a spectrum of design tools and techniques, I excel in delivering designs that not only catch the eye but also leave a lasting impression.

Address: Robotikka, Madagalla Road, Polpithigama, 60620

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