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Finance Management
Human Resource Management

Embarking on my journey as an Accountant at Robotikka, I am driven by a passion for precision and financial stewardship. Despite being a fresher in the field, I bring a dedication to accuracy and a thirst for knowledge to the team. My commitment to maintaining meticulous financial records and upholding compliance standards is unwavering.

Just as I’ve honed my skills in the realm of visual storytelling and design innovation, I am eager to apply the same level of creativity and strategic thinking to the realm of finance.


Meet Supun Nadeesha, our enthusiastic new Accountant at Robotikka. Despite being a fresher, [he/she] brings a keen eye for detail and a passion for numbers to our team. With a solid foundation in financial management, [he/she] is committed to maintaining accurate records and ensuring compliance. [Name] embodies our dedication to nurturing talent and is poised to make a significant impact on Robotikka's financial integrity and success.

Phone: 0741373283
Address: Polpithigama

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