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We are more than just an Information Technology company. We're a passionate team of tech enthusiasts, innovators, and problem-solvers on a mission to shape the future of IT solutions.

Team Members
Our Mission

Empowering Sri Lanka through Affordable IT Innovation

Our mission is to create a technology-driven future where innovation meets technology. We are dedicated to improving IT usage, providing cost-effective solutions, and serving the needs of Sri Lanka. We believe in innovation as the driving force behind our vision to make information technology more accessible and impactful for all."

our team

Top Performers

Our team is a diverse group of passionate professionals dedicated to innovation and excellence. With a wealth of expertise and a shared commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions, we’re here to bring your visions to life and make a lasting digital impact.

Harsha Lakmal

Full Stack Developer

Udara Niroshan

Full Stack Developer

Dilanka Hashan

Electronics Engineer

Shashika Jayathilaka

Full Stack Developer

Gayandi Panditharathna

Full Stack Developer

Hiruni Withanage

Intern Software Engineer

Inodya Harshamal

Graphics Designer

Supun Nadeesha

our team


Our advisory team, with their diverse expertise and unwavering commitment, fuels our journey towards technological excellence. Each member brings invaluable insights and strategic guidance, steering us towards groundbreaking innovations in software solutions, IoT, and web development. Meet the driving force behind our success!

Robotikka Company Registration Certification
Registration Info

Robotikka (PVT) LTD

We Register as a Private Limited Company in Sri Lanka in 3rd November in 2023. You can check the registration information via View Certification Button or simply Scan the QR Code

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